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Epvietnam.com is a leading Vietnam B2B marketplace connecting buyers with suppliers all over the world including China, Korea, Japan, United States and more. Suppliers/manufacturers/exporters can post and promote their products and selling leads. Buyers/importers can search and contact suppliers easily by B2B categories and keywords. Buyers can also post their own buying leads to get quotes or offers from manufacturers. Nowadays, online B2B marketplace is becoming more and more important trade tool for business to business transaction and marketing because it speeds up marketing process and saves overall transaction cost. Join the great B2B portal, Epvietnam.com and boost your business, we will always be with you!.

Epvietnam.com was created to be the gateway for Vietnam products, since its debut in Aug 2010, Epvietnam.com has committed
itself to providing comprehensive promotion services to Vietnam’s foreign trade enterprises and to serving as a bridge between “Vietnam Suppliers” and international purchasers. Its services, including international shows, professional journals, internet
platforms and other value-added services are utilized by 1 million Vietnam Suppliers from over 64 industries.With a totally new platform and operation model, Epvietnam.com enables Vietnam suppliers to accelerate their accommodation of the global supply chain and provides a trustworthy and effective trading platform for both purchasers and manufacturers. We also provides integrated all-dimensional trading services, such as on-line and off-line supplier recommendations, representation at international shows and trade leads match service, etc. with our advanced technology and strict third party certification system, both Vietnam manufacturers and international purchasers feel confident about each transaction. Presently, Epvietnam.com has branches in over 10 cities including Hanoi, Hochiminh, Haiphong, Quangninh and Danang. In every corner of the world, Epvietnam.com is using the most advanced search engine technology to provide a safe, comfortable and effective information platform for economic globalization and the development of Vietnam’s economy; to offer trustworthy, effective and competitive services as well as vast amounts of information; to seek the best solutions for our customers; and to help customers improve their performance while decreasing costs. Regardless of whether you are a Vietnam supplier or a global purchaser, whether you are in a trading center or in a remote factory, Epvietnam.com will provide you with the information and the services you need, when you need them!

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